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At the beginning of undertale, the screen breaks and Gaster and Flowey appear. They are trying to corrupt the world but corrupt themselves in the process, this is flaster and Gowey. "The Resistance" is Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne. You unlock them as you get farther into the game. They each have 1 special attack and you can you there's one time per 5 matches. Sans is the gaster blaster Undyne is the spear and Papyrus is the giant bone in one of his fight before his special attack. You didn't fully get corrupted so they are fighting Flaster and Gowey.  Help Edwin and the resistance fight back against the corruption. Some of the Side Character enemies died or were fused together like Flowey and Gaster.

Songs by Notanoobarelic Edit

Asgore's theme

Notanoobarelic and Xdhd's theme

The resistance's theme

Flaster and gowey


Sprites made by Xhdh_18 (some by notanoobarelic)Edit


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  • Edward

    Edwin your Sprite you play as.

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